My Personal Saviour

Lord Jesus I accept you as my personal Saviour. 


From this moment on may I open my heart to you and trust that the the Holy Spirit will fill this heart with your love so that I can in all sincerity worship God our Father above all things and love my neighbour as myself.


For me alone this will be extremely difficult. In my human nature I am under constant attack from Satan but I know that if I trust You, You will provide me with whatever graces I need  to withstand such evil attacks.


I know that with Your love it is truly possible to have heaven here on earth.


For what is Heaven except to be in the presence of God.


With Your help I can overcome my human limitations, my needless worries, and my needless concerns. 


Help me accept Your holy living Word as proclaimed in the bible and at every Mass and through the Gospel realise that my childish love reflects Your words  - 


'Unless you become like little children you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven'.


Jesus please grant that when my time comes to meet You, You will not be a stranger but a friend.


I can ask for nothing more.



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