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O Prince of Peace,
whose Advent we seek in our lives,
come this day and show us
how to beat our swords into ploughshares,
tools of life instead of instruments of fear.
May your love strip us
of all weapons and strategies of conquest
which are not the tools of lovers,
wise ones and God's children.
Let us not lust for power
but rather strive for the insight
to be guided on the Way of Peace.
Let us not yearn for a victory
that requires a sister's sorrow
or a brother's shameful defeat.
Let us be Advent adventurers and peacemakers,
hammering swords into shovels,
filling holes and levelling peaks.
Let us be disarmed and vulnerable,
for only through such open hands and hearts
can Emmanuel come.



Risen One, 
come, meet me 
in the garden of my life.
Lure me into elation. 
Revive my silent hope.
Coax my dormant dreams. 
Raise up my neglected gratitude. 
Entice my tired enthusiasm.
Give life to my faltering relationships. 
Roll back the stone of my indifference. 
Unwrap the deadness in my spiritual life.
Impart heartiness in my work.

Risen One, 
send me forth as a disciple of your unwavering love, 
a messenger of your unlimited joy.

Resurrected One, 
may I become 
ever more convinced 
that your presence lives on, 
and on, and on, 
and on. 
Awaken me!
Awaken me!


Anyone who has not wondered
At the dawning has died
During the night, or has never lived.
Each day should awaken us to wonder and awe,
To a fresh reverence for each creature.

Everything I touch burns with a presence.
All that I see dazzles me with its radiance.
A single sound fills my ears with its call.
Events flame in my heart, revealing Love.
How can I survive such wonder and awe.

They say I should not be so sensitive,
In allowing such glory to mix with the earth.
Lord, how can this be, for it is reality?
A handful of soil can open the eyes of the blind.
I have seen heaven and earth are one.

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