Promises of the Merciful Jesus

Jesus I Trust in Thee

Merciful Jesus, we believe in thee and we trust in thee. 

Come to the aid of our weakness and our incapacity. 

Grant that we may be able to make thee known and loved by all men and that, confident in the immensity of thy love 

we may be able to combat the evil 

which is within us and in all the world,

for Thy Glory and our Salvation 


C: Jesus , what do you want of me?


Jesus: Write my friend you will be the apostle of My Merciful Love. I will bless you, I will shower on you my abundant graces and great gifts.


Thank you for the distribution of the image of my Sacred Face. 

I will bless those families who expose my image. 


I will convert the sinners who live here, I will help the good to perfect themselves, the lukewarm to rekindle their hearts. I will belss their interests. I will provide for their needs and I will help them in all their necessities, spiritual and material.


Speak to me often and invoke me thus:


"Merciful Jesus, we trust in Thee; have pity on us and on the whole world."


Have faith and confidence. All that you do for me will be recompensed a hundred fold. (Milan 20th April 1969)


Merciful Jesus in the excessive goodness of his Heart promises that;


"Whoever venerates with love and devotion in this house My Divine Image will be from the chastisement, in the same way as the ancient Hebrews marked their housed with a cross made with the blood of the pascal lamb and were spared by the Exterminating Angel , so it will be in those sad times for those who have honoured and exposed my image.           (Milan 5th September 1968).


Jesus: My children, peace be to you.


I am the Merciful Jesus. I wish to encourage you to accomplish the work of this apostolate which you have begun. I wish that it should be propgated tothe point of reaching all creatures.


My Image you will give as a gift or deliver to everyone, known or unkown , and you will accompany your gesture with a mental invocation and an act ogf kindness from your heart.


This Image will bring spiritual benefits to you who propogate it and it will work immediately and striking transformations to those who receive Me with love and gratitude.


It is a great gift and a great means of salvation with which I wish to favour humanity.


My heart is transpierced and provoked by the too numerous sins which are committed and by the excessive number of those losing thier souls. 


Now I have found this means and I ask your help as the beggar asks alms. Will you help me?

I bless you from this moment and I pledge to keep my promises.


You will employ the young in the schools and hospices to carry out this work which I desire immensely.


But you must also ask My Holy Mother to help you make my sacred image enter into all the homes, while waiting my entry into the hearts of everyone to make them happy and to save them.




of the apostles of the Merciful Love and of the Divine Face.


My beloved daughter, I wish to make a wide distribution of My Image. I want to enter into each family, to convert the hardest of hearts. Take me to the hospitals and hospices, schools and nurseries.


Speak to the whole world of my Merciful and Infinite Love.


I will help you find new apostles. they will be my new elect and the loved ones of My Heart and they will have a special place therin.


I will bless their families and I will deputise for them in directing their affairs.


I will carry out to the full that which I have told you in the Gospel.


To him who seeks the Kingdom of God and His Justice all the rest will be given in abundance.


And now I say to you:


To anyone who propagates confidence and love towards My Mercy I will give a hundredfold in this world and the next.


Whoever wishes to assume the engagement to propagate this devotion towards Me, you will make and receite this consecration:




"O Jesus, Good Jesus whose infinite love has created and redeemed the world and wishes to save it, accept me among the number of those who wish to work for the triumph of Your Reign of Love on earth.


For this end, receive the complete offering of myself which I place at your service.


I will distribute the picture of your Divine Face, begging you to revive all the souls in the image of your Divine Face.


O Jesus, work miracles of conversations, and call the apostles of the new era, the new apostles to undertake this great work.


Spread over the whole world Your Merciful Love, which buries and destroys evil; renew the earth, and may all all hearts filled with charity, led by the light of the Sun put into practice the Gospel."        (Milan 25th April 1969)



Pietro Santoro

Bishop of Termoli.

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