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Stand up For Jesus - The Word of the Lord is Truly Alive Today

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

Let us pray

O Jesus I Surrender myself to You, You take over. Amen

We make no apology for stating it is time to -

Stand up for Jesus.

With the best will in the world Fratelli Tutti contains doctrinal error or is setting out forthcoming doctrinal changes in the Catholic Church. We must uphold the truth. The truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

It is time for all of us to to stand up for Jesus

Just a Thought

The Word of God is as alive today as it was 2000 years ago. On this the feast of St Luke it never ceases to amaze me no matter what challenges I face in life the answer is provided in the readings of the Mass each Day.

The Word of the Lord is truly alive.

Today we celebrate

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

In other years: Saint Luke, Evangelist

 He was a Greek doctor who converted to Christianity. As a Greek, he takes care to explain to Gentile readers Jewish customs and the meaning of Hebrew words.

The Word of God

Matthew 22:15-21 - Give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar

The Pharisees went away to work out between them how to trap Jesus in what he said. And they sent their disciples to him, together with the Herodians, to say, ‘Master, we know that you are an honest man and teach the way of God in an honest way, and that you are not afraid of anyone, because a man’s rank means nothing to you. Tell us your opinion, then. Is it permissible to pay taxes to Caesar or not?’ But Jesus was aware of their malice and replied, ‘You hypocrites! Why do you set this trap for me? Let me see the money you pay the tax with.’ They handed him a denarius, and he said, ‘Whose head is this? Whose name?’ ‘Caesar’s’ they replied. He then said to them, ‘Very well, give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar – and to God what belongs to God.’


This morning, Lord,

we lift up our hands to praise You.

We thirst for you; we long for You.

Help us to love You more than life itself.

Grant that by Your holy grace

and by the way we live our lives

we may bring Your message to all we meet.


The Word of The Lord - From the Letterd of St Paul

1 Thessalonians 1:1-5 · We constantly remember your faith, your love and your hope

From Paul, Silvanus and Timothy, to the Church in Thessalonika which is in God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ; wishing you grace and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

  We always mention you in our prayers and thank God for you all, and constantly remember before God our Father how you have shown your faith in action, worked for love and persevered through hope, in our Lord Jesus Christ.

  We know, brothers, that God loves you and that you have been chosen, because when we brought the Good News to you, it came to you not only as words, but as power and as the Holy Spirit and as utter conviction.

St. Faustina Kowalska,

Now, rest your head on My bosom, on My heart, and draw from it strength and power for these sufferings because you will find neither relief nor help nor comfort anywhere else.

Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska:

Divine Mercy in My Soul

The Word of The Lord - From the Old Testament

Isaiah 45:1,4-6 · I have taken Cyrus by his right hand to subdue nations before him

Thus says the Lord to his anointed, to Cyrus,

whom he has taken by his right hand

to subdue nations before him

and strip the loins of kings,

to force gateways before him

that their gates be closed no more:

‘It is for the sake of my servant Jacob,

of Israel my chosen one,

that I have called you by your name,

conferring a title though you do not know me.

I am the Lord, unrivalled;

there is no other God besides me.

Though you do not know me, I arm you

that men may know from the rising to the setting of the sun

that, apart from me, all is nothing.’

Each day I pray that the Lord will bless you and keep you.

May He show His face to you and have mercy.

May He turn His countenance to you and give you peace.

The Lord bless you!


Always remember - Jesus loves you.

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