Prayer After Mass

Jesus Christ

The Light of our World

always burning for you and me


Let me be to them a Christ, loving with His love; not with sentimentality and selfishness,not asking for anything, but ready to give of myself in patience, in submission, in compassion, in wrestling with self; and with Your help dying to self. 


I have not just spoken to You this morning, I have received You into my soul. Let me take You with me into the world. 


Oh Jesus, win for all of us the kind smile of Our Father. Let Him see in each one of us, not ourselves but you His Beloved Son in whom He is well pleased.

O God, I come before you this morning, with all my failings, my troubles, my weaknesses, and all my sins. I go away now one with Christ, your Son, to live with His life in this little part of your world in which you, My Father, has set me down. 


I have offered my life with Christ to you in this Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Let me go out now and be true to that offering among all those with whom I shall meet in the course of this day (week).

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