Life's Little Miracles



'God is always acting for us, it's just at times we do not see it. Life is full of God's little miracles. Even when things appear to go wrong He is there providing us with courage and strength. He provides us with love friendships and memories. Place your faith in Him always.'


The above tweet I made in response to one from Pope Francis. The origins of the thinking behind it I outline in a true but simple story of true christian witness below:-


I attended recently the funeral of a young mother aged just 60.


One year ago she was planning to go on a special cruise with her husband. Two weeks before she was to leave she began to lose the power in one of her legs. As her condition got worse she was eventually told she had a brain tumour. At first she was told it was benign but eventually the diagnosis changed to malignant and that given the position of the tumour the medical people could not operate and that her time on this life was limited.


During all of this and the remaining year of her life her love of God increased. Her Spirit was an example to all and in all probably increased her time.


She had special devotion to the Divine Mercy. This love of God intensified the closer she got to Him, and with the love of a caring family she was an inspiration as to how life should be lived and how death should be faced.


She planned her funeral which included in her own words the wonderful life she lived.

The funeral was an inspiration. One could really feel the presence of Christ. The hymns, the readings were of joy, joy of a life well lived, joy that she was going home to her maker.

Yes we all were in grief but our grief was measured against our joy that her suffering was over.


The family will grieve and miss her but all in attendance knew that they attended something special.


She reached 60 in July and during the latter part of her illness penned the following. It was set out in a rambling path between fields. Thus the pathway.


I copy it as she wrote it. It needs no introduction other than perhaps we could reflect on the missed miracles in our lives.




As a milestone birthday approaches I reflect on all the miracles that have happened to me in my life.


I think that the first miracle has to be life itself.


The Lord scatters the seeds of miracles along everyones’ pathway throughout life.

There are millions of seeds, some are very tiny but these are very significant as they grow to be special, these are the everyday miracles.


They are always there but sometimes we are just to busy to see them.

The most precious of all the seeds grows into love.


The roots spread and more and more miracles happen along life’s pathways.

This is the miracle of miracles.


These in turn bloom into beautiful things - friendships, relationships, engagements, weddings, families and the beauty of sharing very special moments with others.

All paths get a bit rough at times. Now the miracle of Hope, courage, and strength shine through in the difficult moments.

By the time we reach the end of the path we have a bouquet of the miracles of all the memories of life, more radiant and beautiful than words can say.

These are gathered and tied with red and white rays from...