Living with the Spirit

Living With The Spirit

Daily Reflections to Guide You Through the Week

Simply press on each day for the daily reflection


I stand before you today Lord,

ready for the challenges 

that this new week will bring.

Help me to keep the spirit

of Your word alive in my heart,

and to remember that

You are always with me,

at home or at work,

among strangers or friends,

faced with struggles or joys.

Be with me, Lord, and guide me,

wherever I may go.



It is so easy to get caught up

in the hectic pace of life.

Pressure to do more and be 

more, buy more, and see more,

comes from all sides.

Father, give me the serenity, and

help me to hear your voice

above the noise.

You are my rock, Father,

and when I remember that,

everything falls into place.




Holy Spirit,

give me wisdom and 

the courage of my convictions,

as I make life decisions 

today and every day.

Some may be simple,

others complex,

but all require honesty

and quiet reflection.

I pray that with Your guidance,

my heart will be open to God's will

and whatever choices

I am asked to make.




Abba, Father,

I look to You this day

with joy in my heart

and praise on my lips.

I want to savour every moment,

to celebrate this gift of life.

May I always see your hand

at work in the details of each day,

and may I never forget what

a blessing it is to experience

the wonder of Your creation.




Jesus, my brother,

walk with me today as 

I continue on my journey.

Give me patience

and understanding,

courage and grace.

Help me to be strong in

body, mind and spirit, and

lead me along the path of

compassion and forgiveness,

kindness and love.




Heavenly Father,

I thank You for my 

family and friends,

for those who stand by me 

in good times and bad,

for exactly who I am.

Their care and concern

brings joy to my life

and remind me that 

I am truly blessed.




For the sky above me

for the earth at my feet,

for the sun in the morning,

for water rushing downstrean,

for the breath in my lungs,

for the beat of my heart,

for all these things,

I thank you dear Lord.

For all I've accomplished,

for what lies ahead,

for the promise of tomorrow,

Lord I thank You.