St Anthony

Prayers to St Anthony

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The Responsory in Honour of St. Anthony


If you ask for miracles,

Death, error, all calamities,

The leprosy and demons fly,

And health succeeds infirmities.

The sea obeys, and fetters break,

And lifeless limbs thou dost restore;

Whilst treasures lost are found again

When young or old thine aid implore.

All dangers vanish at thy prayer,

And direst need doth quickly flee,

Let those who know thy power proclaim-

Let Paduans say-these are of thee.

The sea obeys, etc.

To Father, Son may glory be,

And Holy Spirit eternally.

The sea obeys, etc.

Pray for us, blessed Anthony,

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray:

Almighty God, you have given St. Anthony to your people as an outstanding preacher and a ready helper in time of need. With his assistance may we follow the Gospel of Christ and know the help of your grace in every difficulty. Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer to St Anthony the Wonder Worker


After you died, St. Anthony, God chose to make your holiness known to the world and to draw people by working miracles in answer to prayers made in your name. Since then, people have asked God to continue to honor you by working wonders through your intercession. Those who have experienced the power of prayers offered in your name have told how God has answered them. God has healed the sick, restored peace of mind, relieved poverty and granted favours of all kinds. Now in this time of need, I ask you, St. Anthony, to pray with me for the things I desire. I pray that God may again give me a sign of loving care and providence, and that through you, God may draw us all to the fullness of life and love in eternity.



St Anthony - Prayer to Find What Is Lost


St. Anthony, when you prayed, your stolen book of prayers was given back to you. Pray now for all of us who have lost things precious and dear. Pray for all who have lost faith, hope or the friendship of God. Pray for us who have lost friends or relatives by death. Pray for all who have lost peace of mind or spirit. Pray that we may be given new hope, new faith, new love. Pray that lost things, needful and helpful to us, may be returned to our keeping. Or, if we must continue in our loss, pray that we may be given Christ's comfort and peace.



 St Anthony - Prayer for Poor Children



St. Anthony, your love for the infant Jesus made him present to you to see and hold in your arms. Help us to see and love Jesus in all the poor and suffering of the world. Move us to clothe, feed and help Jesus, in all unwanted, abused and abandoned children and people. Lead us, for the sake of Jesus, who became a child like one of us, to reverence and protect all human life from its beginning to its end.




St Anthony - Prayer of Thanksgiving


St. Anthony, God has helped me abundantly through your prayer and has strengthened me in my need. I thank God and I thank you. Accept this prayer and my serious resolve which I now renew, to live always in the love of Jesus and of my neighbour. Continue to shield me by your protection and pray to God for the final grace of one day entering the kingdom of heaven to sing with you the everlasting mercies of God.